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The courses offered in this department are intended to teach students how to present a reasoned defense of the Christian faith while addressing questions that every young person must answer.


In this department, you examine the books of both the Old and New Testament to discover God's plan for mankind and his gift of salvation, brought to us through His Son, Jesus Christ.
There are many different methods of interpreting Scripture. However, in this department, students learn that as Christians, we are to interpret Scripture according to what the author intended. introductory Greek class is offered.

Jewish Studies

As you read through Leviticus, do you struggle to understand how  all these rituals and laws apply to you? The courses in this department are designed to answer this question and explain the Jewish background to the Christian Faith.


The courses in the music department are designed to bring to a better understanding and enjoyment of music. These courses will involve music composition, hymn writing, and vocal training.

Men’s Studies

This department answers the question, “What does it mean to be a biblical man?” Courses address sexual purity, godly leadership, faithful friendship, accountability, and spiritual maturity.


The counseling program at EBI is centered around the Scripture without which true change in a person’s life can never happen. Students will not only learn how to address external issues but also matters of the heart, “…For out of [the heart] are the issues of life” (Prov. 4:23, KJV).
Practical The classes within this department were developed with the intended purpose of helping students understand God's plan for family, marriage, finances, living in community, ethics, etc. Grasping this is key to a thriving Christian life.
Education The courses in this department are designed to train young Christians to teach Sunday school, communicate affectively in a group setting, and write persuasively.  Our hope is that students would use the knowledge gained in these classes to share God Word with others.
Theology Ever wondered how God has saved us or how we can live in freedom from sin? These courses address many of the questions that Christian have regarding the teachings of Scripture.  
Women’s What does Biblical Womanhood look like? This questions is asked by many young ladies in today’s culture. The courses in this department are structured to answer this question and many more.
Evangelism & Missions Student taking courses in this department discover the importance of fronter missions, street evangelism, etc. The goal of obeying Jesus’ great commission to make disciples of all nations is emphasized in these courses. 
History  Discover Anabaptist beginnings and Theology, "walk" through Israel, and understand the cultural context in which Scripture was written.