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Advanced Leadership for Pastoral Teams
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December 10-14, 2018
Ø	Developing leaders that people want to follow Ø	Conflict resolution and how to solve problems Ø	Preventing burn-out and poor attitudes Ø	Creating an inviting environment in your congregation Ø	Establishing a preaching diet that creates conviction Ø	Analyzing your church like a visitor Ø	Raising the standard for leaders and members Ø	Dynamics of team ministry and what is required to make it work properly Ø	Determining the characteristics that make your team effective Ø	Having a church vision that will endure and withstand modern-day pressures Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø Ø This one-week seminar, taught by Leon Martin from the Nickel Mines congregation, New Providence, PA is for every leadership team or pastor who wants to learn methods of godly leadership, refresh the principles that are already in place, or strengthen the cohesiveness of their team. Topics to be included are:
This   seminar    is   complementary   to   the   basic   concepts   taught   in   the   seminar   titled   “Essentials   for Effective   Pastoral   Leadership.”   The   prior   seminar   is   not   a   mandatory   prerequisite   but   attendance   at the first class will be a tremendous advantage for this seminar.   Wives   of   leadership   members   are   welcomed   and   encouraged   to   attend.   There   will   be   a   special break-out session for the women taught by Carolyn Martin, New Providence, PA. Registration   &   Orientation    for   this   seminar   begins   Monday   evening,   starting   at   6pm.   Sessions will   run   Tuesday   morning   through   Friday   noon.   The   seminar   cost   is   $327   for   an   individual   and   $427 for   a   couple.      Room   &   Board   is   $100   per   Adult   and   $25   per   child   (Children   3   &   under   are   free) . Seminar is to be held at the Elnora Bible Institute. EBI address - 101 S State Road 58, Elnora, IN 47529 .
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