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Apologetics Department
707 A Biblical Approach to Philosophy        3 Hours Philosophy    seeks    answers    to    fundamental    life    questions    and    helps    the    believer    to    carry    the    Bible’s    teaching    beyond    areas specifically   addressed   by   Scripture.   Because   Christ   redeems   the   whole   person,   Christians   cannot   afford   to   surrender   ground   in   the battle   of   ideas   or   to   neglect   golden   opportunities   for   reasoned   debate,   particularly   on   the   university   campus.   This   course   follows briefly the historical development of Western philosophy and its impact on epistemology, metaphysics, and morality.
107 Doubt and Defense            3 Hours This   class   will   prepare   students   for   productive   interaction   with   those   who   reject   Christianity,   focusing   on   analysis   of   common objections.   Topics   will   include   inspiration   and   Inerrancy   of   Scripture,   relationship   between   faith   and   reason,   moral   relativism,   clues for   the   existence   of   God,   and   the   uniqueness   of   Christ.   Students   will   be   better   prepared   to   speak   the   Gospel,   particularly   to atheists.  
307 Aberrant Christian Movements 3 Hours This    class    will    survey    pseudo-Christian    movements    which    perpetuate themselves   by   mind   control   or   manipulative   leadership   or   which   deviate from    major    Biblical    doctrines.    The    lectures    will    emphasize    a    Biblical response    to    these    groups,    which    may    include    Christian    Science,    The Church    of    Jesus    Christ    of    Latter-day    Saints,    the    Christian    Identity Movement,   Church   of   Scientology,   Freemasonry,   Jehovah’s   Witnesses,   and Branch Davidians.
407 World Religions and Movements        2 Hours Non-Christian   world   movements   such   as   Buddhism,   Hinduism,   Islam,   Secularism,   the   New   Age   Movement,   Existentialism,   Post- modernism,   and   Judaism   follow   a   god   distinct   from   the   God   revealed   in   both   the   Old   and   New   Testaments   of   the   Holy   Scriptures. This course will outline historical roots, beliefs and Biblical evaluations for each movement.
507 Toward a Christian Mind            2 Hours Following   Christ   obligates   believers   to   think   well.   Students   will   examine   the   rationale   for   intellectual   development   and   reasoned belief, persuasive presupposition apologetics, as well as principles of logic.
607 Contemporary Church Challenges             3 Hours Against   the   tide   of   post-modernism   the   Church   stands   on   the   Rock   of   Truth.   How   can   the   Biblical   Anabaptist   bring   God’s   wisdom   to bear    on    discussions    of    the    Church’s    mission,    church    membership,    boundaries,    “authentic”    community,    doctrine    and    creeds, technology,    marriage,    education,    economic    prosperity,    and    multiculturalism?    This    study    calls    young    men    and    women    to understand the times and to pursue actively a life of faithful discipleship.