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Apologetics Department
307 Aberrant Christian Movements            3 Hours This   course   will   survey   pseudo-Christian   movements   which   deviate   from   major   Biblical   doctrines.   We   will   evaluate   those groups   from   a   Biblical   perspective.   The   movements   we   will   cover   include   Christian   Science,   Mormonism,   Freemasonry,   Jehovah’s Witnesses, and Open Theism.  
407 World Religions and Movements        2 Hours The   people   around   us   are   strongly   influenced   by   many   different   ideas.   In   this   course,   we   will   examine   the   history   and   basic   beliefs of the major non-Christian religions and movements, including Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Zoroastrianism.
507 Cultivating a Christian Mind            2 Hours Following   Christ   obligates   believers   to   think   well.   Students   will   examine   the   rationale   for   intellectual   development   and   reasoned belief, persuasive presupposition apologetics, as well as principles of logic.
607 Contemporary Church Challenges                      3 Hours Against   the   tide   of   post-modernism   the   Church   stands   on   the   Rock   of Truth.   How   can   the   Biblical   Anabaptist   bring   God’s   wisdom   to   bear   on discussions    of    the    Church’s    mission,    church    membership,    boundaries, “authentic”     community,     doctrine     and     creeds,     technology,     marriage, education,    economic    prosperity,    and    multiculturalism?    This    study    calls young   men   and   women   to   understand   the   times   and   to   pursue   actively   a life of faithful discipleship.
107 Doubt and Defense            3 Hours Our    goal    in    this    course    is    to    prepare    you    for    productive    interaction    with    those    who    reject    Christianity.    We    will    discuss    the importance of defending our faith and think through responses to common objections raised against the Christian faith. Topics will include the reliability of Scripture, the existence of God, the resurrection of Christ, and an evaluation of moral relativism.