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Bible Department
1601 James and I & II Peter 3 Hours An   introduction   to   James   and   I   &   II   Peter.   We   will   refer   to   the   practical   book   of   James   with   its   explanation   of   the   connection   between faith   and   works   together   with   its   call   for   holy   living.   In   I   Peter   and   II   Peter   we   will   notice   scriptures   dealing   with   our   great   salvation, as well as our hope for the new heavens and new earth!
101 Bible Survey 2 Hours The   contents   of   this   course   will   include   memorization   of   books   of   the   Bible   both   in   biblical   order   and   chronological   order;   the groupings   of   Bible   books   (i.e.   historical,   poetical,   prophetical,   etc.),   the   overall   Christocentric   theme   of   the   Scriptures   and   how   each book   supports   and   amplifies   that   theme;   the   importance   of   Genesis   1-11   as   the   foundation   of   all   that   comes   thereafter;   together with mastery of general Bible knowledge.
201 Genesis         3 Hours In   this   course   we   will   be   looking   at   the   literary   structure   of   Genesis.   Consideration   will   be   given   to   the   importance   of   the   foundation that   it   provides   for   the   rest   of   Scripture.   Genesis,   being   the   book   of   beginnings,   provides   a   dramatic   account   of   the   origins   of mankind   and   his   universe.   Also   included   is   the   intrusion   of   sin   into   the   world,   the   catastrophic   effects   of   its   curse   on   the   race,   and the   beginning   of   God’s   plan   to   bless   the   nations   through   His   seed.   The   beginning   of   the   natural   world,   human   culture,   and   the people Israel are also among the main themes which will be a part of the study of the book of Genesis.
301 Leviticus         3 Hours This   study   of   Leviticus   will   take   a   look   at   the   Mosaic   Covenant   and   the   sacrifices   and   feasts   in   ancient   Israel.   Consideration   will   be given   to   the   three   major   parts   of   this   constitution   -   the   moral,   sacrificial,   and   juridical.   We   will   see   how   these   sacrifices   and   feasts are a basis for the Christian faith and how they may impact our lives as believers.
401 Psalms 3 Hours In   the   study   of   the   Psalms   we   will   give   consideration   to   the   literary   style   as   well   as   their   content   and   God’s   Word   to   us   today.   We   will be   viewing   the   Psalms   which   are   inspired   responses   of   human   hearts   to   God’s   revelation   of   Himself   in   law,   history,   and   prophecy. The   Psalms   provide   instruction,   inspiration,   motivation,   and   consolation   for   many   areas   of   life.   Saints   of   all   ages   have   used   this collection   of   prayers   and   praises   in   their   public   and   private   meditations.   Time   will   be   spent   in   focused   meditation   as   part   of   this study.
501 Minor Prophets 3 Hours Called,   “The   Twelve”   in   Hebrew   Scriptures,   these   Old   Testament   books,   often   misunderstood   and   maligned,   are   some   of   the   most passionate   of   God’s   cry   for   His   children.   Their   message   is   judgment,   yet   hopeful   of   a   better   future.   Special   attention   will   be   focused on their message for contemporary Christianity.
601 Life of Christ 2Hours As the most significant man in human history, the life of Jesus the Messiah takes on great significance for anyone; particularly for those who have already acknowledged Him as Lord. This course is designed to provide a survey of the Biblical narratives of the life of Christ with an emphasis on the geographical and historical context within which Jesus lived, taught and served.
701 Matthew 3 Hours In   this   course   we   do   a   textual   study   using   helps   in   exploring   the   original   text   as   well   as   commentaries   and   various   translations.   A major focus will be on the teachings of Jesus. Practical applications will be a high priority in class discussions.
801 Sermon on the Mount 2 Hours As   the   longest   discourse   of   the   Lord   Jesus,   the   Sermon   on   the   Mount   has   taken   on   a   great   deal   of   significance.   In   this   course   we   will do   an   introductory   study   of   the   Kingdom   of   Heaven   as   discussed   especially   in   the   book   of   Matthew,   and   discuss   how   the   Sermon   on the   Mount   relates   to   this   Kingdom.   We   will   begin   the   study   with   an   overview   of   the   main   themes   before   doing   a   verse   by   verse study.   Our   resources   will   include   a   wide   range   of   commentary   done   by   writers   from   the   scope   of   Christian   history   including contemporary scholars.
901 Gospel of John 3 Hours This   course   will   be   a   study   in   the   book   of   John,   discovering   Biblical   truths   and   the   great   themes   of   the   book.   We   want   to   observe   the activity   of   Jesus   as   recorded   in   John’s   Gospel.   We   also   want   to   look   at   the   unfolding   plan   of   redemption   through   Christ,   and   find practical messages for the believer today.
1001 Book of Acts 3 Hours This   is   a   study   of   the   New   Testament   church   as   seen   in   the   book   of   Acts.   We   will   explore   the   historical   background,   key   characters, and   the   beginning   of   the   church.   The   challenges,   methods,   and   success   of   early   church   missions   will   be   examined.   How   can   we today have the passion the early church had for the Kingdom of Christ?
1101 Book of Romans 3 Hours     This   course   will   only   begin   to   probe   the   depths   of   this   marvelous   book.   We   will   attempt   to   cover   these   themes:   Sin,   the   atonement, justification,   union   with   Christ,   God’s   plan   for   Israel,   and   Christian   liberty.   Some   special   attention   will   be   given   to   the   human   nature of   carnality   and   the   Roman   way   of   dealing   with   the   ongoing   struggle   with   sin   (Rom.   6-8).   This   will   include   some   practical   and personal application and involvement.
1201 I & II Corinthians 3 Hours This   first   letter   written   to   a   young   church   at   Corinth, dealt   with   problems   facing   believers   as   they   sought to   live   out   their   faith   in   an   evil   environment.   Are   their problems   relevant   to   us   today,   and   are   the   answers applicable   as   well?   God’s   word   is   timeless,   which   we will   see   as   we   explore   this   important   New   Testament book.    In    Paul’s    second    epistle    to    the    Corinthians, Paul    defends    his    apostolic    authority    and    ministry against   some   who   opposed   him.   He   also   speaks   of church   discipline,   giving,   repentance,   and   separation. The   emphasis   of   this   class   will   be   on   the   expository study of this most passionate of Paul’s epistles.
1401 Pastoral Epistles      2 Hours The   Pastoral   Epistles   (I,   II   Timothy   and   Titus)   deal   with   how   church   should   be   done.   The   course   will   wrestle   with   the   text   of   these epistles   and   make   present   day   applications   in   an   Anabaptist   perspective.   Local   church   organization   and   ministry   will   be   discussed at length.
1501 Hebrews 3 Hours This class will focus on the superior life and ministry of Christ and His priesthood, as we study how Christ fulfills redemptive history. We will be looking at the five parenthetical warnings and issues of faith in this book.
Old Testament New Testament
1701 Isaiah 3 Hours The   prophet   Isaiah   has   been   referred   to   as   "the   Prince   of   the   Prophets."      This   course   will   explore   this   majestic   Old   Testament   book.     Significant   themes   in   Isaiah   include   the   character   of   God,   the   nature   of   sin,   and   God's   plan   to   provide   salvation   through   the   coming of the Messiah. 
1801 Daniel and Revelation 3 Hours “The   book   of   Daniel   has   been   called   the   Old   Testaments   counterpart   to   the   New   Testament’s   book   of   Revelation.   It   provides   many of   the   core   truths   by   which   one   may   understand   large   portions   of   predictive   prophecy   found   elsewhere   in   the   Scriptures.”   (Wood) “The   shadowy   figures   of   Old   Testament   prophecy   reappear   in   Revelation   with   more   substantial   form   and   more   clearly   defined lineament.   Yet   the   apocalypse   is   no   mere   amplification   of   earlier   prophecies;   it   is   the   final   unveiling   of   God   prophetic   program” (Tatford). The combining of these books, will provide a telescopic view of prophecy’s last word.