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Christian Thought on Current Issues
As it has for centuries, the church stands in stark contrast to the culture around it. In the 21 st  century, the death of the notion of Christendom in the Western world means that it is impossible to continue to live with the illusion that we live in a Christian nation. In this seminar, we will be spending time looking at issues in contemporary Christian thought, specifically as influenced by culture. The seminar, taught by Tony Gerber, ON Canada, will be structured in a primarily discussion, interactive format. In this one week seminar, we will be looking at topics and discussing Biblical responses on issues such as: The church and state Gender fluidity and identity Sexuality and the Redefinition of Relationships The Church’s response to Racism The Exclusive Claims of Christianity Curating our Lives in a Social Media driven World Materialism, Class and the Call of Christ Sport and the Christian Our Post Christian World-view: The New Gnosticism An Anabaptist interaction with Broader Christianity
Registration    &   orientation    for   this   seminar   begin   Thursday   afternoon.   Sessions   will   run   Thursday   evening through   Saturday   afternoon.   The   seminar   cost   is   $327   for   an   individual   and   $427   for   a   couple.      Room   &   Board   is $100 per Adult and $25 per child (Children 3 & under are free ).  
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 “I attended the fall seminar titled "Christian Thought on Current Issues." It was an enriching seminar taught by Tony Gerber. These one-week classes are some of the best kept secrets at EBI. It was very good to dialogue with other pastors on the subjects being addressed. It addressed many of the issues that we are currently facing in our churches. I feel that our churches should do what they can to make it possible for their pastors to attend these seminars.” - Jerry Stoltzfus
October 26-28, 2017
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