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EBI’s College Student Enrichment Weekend exists to assist Anabaptist college students from a spiritual, mental, and emotional perspective. It is available both to students who are currently attending college and those who are preparing to attend college. We recognize that significant challenges are faced by Christians in the world of higher education. Our goals can be expressed with the terms input and interaction . First, we seek to provide solid, Bible-based input from an Anabaptist perspective that will equip and strengthen students for the challenges they will experience in their pursuit of higher education. Second, we seek to provide an opportunity for meaningful interaction and the development of relationships that will bless the student throughout their educational experience. “We desire to see Anabaptist college students thrive to the glory of God and for the advancement of His Kingdom.”
Weekend Schedule June 21-24, 2021
Monday June 21 3:00-5:00 Arrival and registration 5:00 Supper 7:00-7:45 Orientation 8:00 Group activities Tuesday, June 22 7:00 Breakfast 8:00-8:30 Worship 8:45-9:45 Session 1 10:00-11:00 Session 2 11:15-11:45 Discussion groups 12:00 Lunch 2:00-3:00 Session 3 3:15-4:15 Session 4 4:30-5:00 Discussion groups 5:15 Supper 7:00 Group activities
Wednesday, June 23 7:00 Breakfast 8:00-8:30 Worship 8:45-9:45 Session 5 10:00-11:00 Session 6 11:15-11:45 Discussion groups 12:00 Lunch 2:00-3:00 Session 7 3:15-4:15 Session 8 4:30-5:00 Discussion groups 5:15 Supper 6:30-7:15 Panel discussion 7:30 Group activities Thursday, June 24 8:00 Breakfast 9:00 Worship 9:30-10:15 Session 9 10:30-11:15 Worship Service 12:00 Lunch and departure
Registration Information
Pre-registration is required to attend
The above total includes tuition, lodging, and all meals.
Students will stay in the EBI Dorm. Rooms include two bunk-beds, two dressers, a shower room, a toilet room, and two sinks. Bring a Bible, a note-taking device, bedding (twin-size), towels and wash clothes, and personal items.
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