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Education Department
112 Christian Expression    3 Hours Although   the   Holy   Spirit   can   harness   faltering   tongues,   we   do   have   an   obligation   to   “fan   into   flame”   the   gifts   we   are   given.   In   this   class we   will   improve   our   use   of   written   language   and   practice   speaking   with   confidence   in   public.   Emphasis   will   be   laid   on   composition including logical arrangement of thought, sequential presentation and persuasive communication.
312 Creative Writing    3 Hours “The   pen   is   mightier   than   the   sword!”   Improving   our   ability   to   write   in   an   interesting   and   compelling   manner   has   never   been   more important   than   it   is   today.   This   course   is   designed   for   those   who   want   to   improve   their   writing   skills.   Opportunities   to   write,   edit,   and revise will be given, in different genres and for different purposes
212 Christian Education    3 Hours An   examination   of   tools,   methods   and   approaches   to   make   teaching   a   Sunday   School   class,   Bible   School   class,   Christian   School   or home   school   meaningful   and   exciting   for   both   teacher   and   student.   This   is   a   practical   course,   meant   to   prepare   the   student   for   the wonderful   world   of   teaching.   This   course   will   challenge   students   to   see   creativity   as   part   of   being   made   in   God’s   image,   a   gift   that should   be   put   to   work   for   a   dynamic   ministry.   Throughout   the   course   students   will   work   on   developing   a   biblical   philosophy   of ministry to help them differentiate between pure entertainment and presentations that honor God and teach biblical truths.