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Fall Seminars 2017
Pastoral Leadership Basics December 4-8, 2017 This one-week seminar, taught by Leon Martin, New Providence, PA, is for every pastor or deacon who wants to learn methods of Godly pastoring or simply refresh the basic pastoring principles that he has already learned. This seminar starts with the basic concepts and principles and allows the attendees to build skills that will enhance their service to God and others in an efficient and effective manner.   
Christian Thought on Current Issues October 26-28, 2017 This seminar, taught by Tony Gerber, ON Canada, will be structured in a primarily discussion, interactive format. In this three day seminar, we will be looking at topics and discussing Biblical responses on issues such as the church and state, gender fluidity and identity, curating our Lives in a Social Media driven World, Anabaptist interaction with Broader Christianity, and much more.
Pastoral Leadership Refresher November 13-17, 2017 Pastor have you have fallen into a rut? Are you in need of a refresher? Well, we may have what you need. EBI is offering a week long seminar with the goal of refreshing those in pastoral leadership. This seminar will be taught by Lee  Mummau, OH, and Paul Emerson, IN. It will be an opportunity for pastors to take a fresh look at their role in leading the congregation through preaching, mentoring equipping, long-range planning,  navigating conflict and preparing to pass on the torch.
Introduction to Biblical Counseling September 18-22, 2017 The emphasis of this seminar will be on changing hearts, changing lives. Those who attend will be led to see the need for change in his or her own life and how that change can be accomplished by the Holy Spirit through the Scripture. In turn, the attendees will be taught how to assist others in those same kinds of changes. Advanced principles of discipleship and helping others to change will also be taught.