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Fall Term is a great experience academically and spiritually. Because of the longer period of time, students can build stronger relationships with each other as well as benefit from the chance to more thoroughly study the Bible and other material. I would encourage anyone to strongly consider attending a fall term at EBI.  - Kaitlin Shank, 2016  “ ”
Bible Survey Genesis Intro to Counseling/Counseling Marriage and Family Spiritual Prep for Higher Ed Biblical Culture & Geography Music Fundamentals Class Voice Choir (and tour!)
Music Theory I Doubt and Defense Rudiments of Greek Biblical Ethics Gospel of John Hymn Appreciation Personal Evangelism Sermon on the Mount Biblical Womanhood
Florida Choir Tour 2017 - November 16-21, 2017 Registration form Registration form
Keith Bucher Paul Emerson Crit Lapp Shannon Lapp Lyle Stutzman Daniel Yoder
NEW FOR 2017: Offering an expanded selection of courses which include Marriage and Family, Biblical Womanhood, and a brand NEW course on the Book of Isaiah (click here for course schedule). Crit & Shannon Lapp, PA, are joining our team and teaching several classes. A Florida choir tour A trip to the Ark Encounter A projected weekend mission trip to a world class city. Students can pay term costs in four monthly installments.
Fall Term 2017
I went to fall term at EBI two years ago and it made a huge difference in my life. More time and less people means closer friendships and more opportunities for spiritual growth. If you've thought about going to Fall Term or another term at EBI, do it! You won't regret it. - Bryce Wenger, 2014 “ ”