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Jewish Department
209 Feasts of Israel         3 Hours We will be studying some of the feasts which God gave to ancient Israel. He instructed them to observe these feasts as a guide to worship. We will be   observing   how   they   were   given   to   Israel   initially   and   how   they   serve   as   a   type   for   the   church   today.   (This   is   a   stand-alone   course   and   does   not require the prerequisite course.)
109 Introduction to Jewish Studies         2 Hours The   purpose   of   Jewish   studies   is   to   give   the   student   an   understanding   and   appreciation   for   basic   Judaism.   The   intent   is   to   also   help   the   student   to understand both the ritual and rite of ancient Judaism. The course will be an investigation into the Hebrew roots from which came the Messiah and Christianity.   An   attempt   will   be   made   to   see   how   that   in   principle   many   things   found   in   Judaism   are   types   and   shadows   of   the   greater   things   to follow in the Christian faith.