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Men’s Department
411 Expository Preaching    2 Hours This course is offered as a refresher for Pastors and a foundation for all men who handle or anticipate handling the Word of God in public. The God-given   duty   of   exposing   His   inerrant   word   to   the   understanding   of   the   audience   will   be   emphasized   along   with   organization   and   delivery. “So   why   expository   preaching?   Because   when   you   stand   before   a   group   of   children,   students,   adults,   men   and   women,   you   will   be   able   to   tell them, ‘This is what God says.’” (Easley)
211 The Masculine Mandate    2 Hours “The church can lose precious things…and this seems to be happening today. One ideal we may be losing is that of strong, biblical and confident Christian   manhood.”   (Philips)   This   course   will   emphasize   what   it   means   to   be   a   godly   man,   a   loving   husband,   a   good   father,   and   faithful   friend, and a family head.
311 Effective Leadership    3 Hours This   course,   geared   particularly   for   church   leaders   and   potential   leaders,   will   include   the   dynamics   of   servant   leadership   and   working with people. Issues of motivation and accountability will be considered in the light of the Biblical teachings.