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904 Class Voice     2 Hours This course explores the basic elements of vocal pedagogy and gives students the opportunity to sing for and learn from each other in a variety of   contexts.   The   primary   pedagogical   concepts   covered   will   be   breathing,   resonance,   phonation,   and   diction.   Students   in   this   class   must   take choir during the same term.
Music Department
204 Music Fundamentals       3 Hours This   course   will   cover   the   basic   rudiments   of   music.   It   is   designed   for   students   who   have   little   or   no   background   in   reading   and understanding music. It will include a study of pitch, rhythm, solfeggio, key and time signatures, notation, and sight-singing skill.
304 Music Theory I      3 Hours This course will cover the rudiments of music starting with a review of the basic musical concepts covered in Music Fundamentals and continuing on   through   a   study   of   intervals,   chords,   harmonization,   and   basic   part   writing.   Students   will   learn   what   makes   music   sound   good   and   why   it   is appealing. Students will discover how sounds can be arranged to create beauty and order. Placement test will be given ahead of time to confirm the student is ready for the material in this course.
404 Music Theory II     3 Hours This   course   will   begin   with   a   review   of   the   material   covered   in   Music   Theory   I   and   continue   with   greater   depth   into   chords,   harmonization,   and part   writing.   It   will   also   include   a   study   of   counterpoint,   seventh   chords,   secondary   dominants,   and   modulation.   It   will   include   sight   singing   and ear   training   exercises   throughout   the   course   to   develop   and   strengthen   practical   skills   for   reading   and   writing   music.   Prerequisite:   304   Music Theory I
504 Choir       1 Hour This   course   will   consist   of   preparation   for   a   quality   program   of   sacred,   a   cappella   choral   music.   Personal   and   sectional   practice   time   outside   of class   is   required.   Choir   members   are   required   to   stay   for   the   choir   tour   following   the   term   (if   offered).   The   number   of   participants   in   choir   is limited   and   admittance   may   be   subject   to   a   prioritization   scale .    For   the   prioritization   scale,   choir   program   dress   and   other   requirements,   click here .
604 Ensemble   1/2 Hour This course will consist of preparing a smaller number of songs to be presented at closing program and various local venues. Class requirements will include personal study time, preparation of assigned portions of music, and sectional rehearsals outside of the scheduled class times.
704 Hymn Appreciation      2 Hours This   course   will   cover   the   history   of   hymn   development   from   the   early   church   until   the   present   with   an   emphasis   on   understanding   and appreciating the hymns we have in our hymnals today. The course will provide an in-depth look at what constitutes a lasting hymn and will equip students to understand and analyze hymns. Students will also have the opportunity to try their hand at writing a quality hymn text.
804 Congregational Songleading       1 Hour This course will equip students to lead a cappella congregational singing effectively,   thoughtfully, and confidently. It will cover elements of music fundamentals,   conducting,   hymn   analysis   and   appreciation,   and   philosophy   of   congregational   music   to   establish   a   solid   biblical   and   practical foundation   for   current   or   future   songleaders.   Students   will   learn   how   to   use   a   pitch   pipe,   how   and   when   to   use   conducting   gestures,   how   to choose   appropriate   songs,   and   how   to   foster   musical   appreciation,   skill,   and   participation   in   a   congregation.   (This   class   is   intended   for   men only.)
1004 Music Appreciation     2 Hours This   course   will   provide   students   with   the   background   necessary   to   develop   an   appreciation   for   quality   music.   Guidance   is   given   in listening   to   and   understanding   church,   choral,   and   classical   music   from   the   Middle   Ages   to   the   present   with   an   emphasis   on appreciating   the   musical   works   of   the   most   historically   significant   composers   in   each   period   of   musical   history.   Basic   musical vocabulary,   forms,   and   genres   will   be   explored.   Listening   to   recorded   music   and   reading   the   textbook   will   comprise   a   large   portion   of the homework in this class. No previous knowledge of music is required.