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Pastoral Leadership Refresher
Pastor, have you fallen into a rut? Are you in need of a refresher? The goal of this seminar is to refresh those who are in pastoral leadership. It is an opportunity for pastors to take a fresh look at their responsibility in leading their congregations. Topics to be covered include: Equipping     –     equipping     in     two     areas:     equipping ourselves   and   equipping   our   people.   First,   we   equip ourselves    with    the    tools    of    pastoring    as    well    as different   aspects   of   leading   meetings,   etc.   Second,   we are   to   equip   our   people   with   the   ability   to   think   right, find   freedom,   study   Scripture,   succeed   as   a   Christian, and think well about missions. Long   Range   Planning   –   learning   to   organize   a   long term     schedule,     planning     a     sermon     strategy,     and keeping   family   time   a   priority.   Long   range   planning gives function-ability to your schedule.  Mentoring – mentoring from a pastor’s point of view. A lot of pastoring is done outside the pulpit. Passing   on   the   Torch   –   Recognizing   the   importance   of   planning   a   smooth   transition   of   succession   in leadership.      We   will   discuss   how   the   pastor   should   involve   his   congregation   in   the   process   of   leadership transitioning. Team Dynamics – learning how to build a healthy ministry team. Navigating Conflict – examining a five step pattern to resolving conflict. Relating to BMA – building healthy relationships within the Alliance.  
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Registration    &   orientation    for   this   seminar   begin   Monday   evening,   starting   at   6pm.   Sessions   will   run Tuesday   morning   through   Friday   noon.   The   seminar   cost   is   $327   for   an   individual   and   $427   for   a   couple.     Room & Board is $100 per Adult and $25 per child (Children 3 & under are free ).  
Register Register “It was week well spent at the Pastoral Refresher Seminar. The teachers taught and shared from vast and varying life experiences in a friendly and open classroom setting, providing insights in shepherding that were beneficial spiritually, both on a personal and leadership level.” - John Yoder
November 13-17, 2017
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