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Practical  Department
802 Biblical Ethics      3 Hours An   introduction   of   how   to   develop   Biblical   standards   about   subjects   that   scripture   may   only   indirectly   address   such   as   Weddings,   Gambling, Biomedical Issues, Ecology, Political Involvement, Capital Punishment, War, Cremation, Suicide, Euthanasia, Abortion, Funerals, etc.
202 Biblical Stewardship and Finances      2 Hours One   of   the   purposes   of   this   class   is   to   establish   a   Biblical   understanding   of   Christian   stewardship   and   find   practical   ways   of   applying   them. Emphasis   will   be   on   ownership,   varying   views   of   finances   and   possessions,   tithing   and   giving   beyond   the   tithe,   debt,   family   budgeting, brotherhood   and   mutual   aid,   saving,   retirement,   estate   planning,   etc.   This   course   will   also   examine   the   change   Christ   seeks   to   bring   in   our journey   with   Him   as   He   interacts   with   us   through   the   events   of   our   lives,   and   also   what   role   the   traditional   Christian   disciplines   play   in   this transformation of heart and renewal of the mind.
302 Marriage and Family      3 Hours This   course   is   a   study   of   principles   relating   to   marriage   and   family.   There   will   be      practical   help   to   prepare   young   people   for   courtship,   marriage, and parenting from a Christian perspective.
402 Peace and the Simple Life       3 Hours In this course we will examine the biblical basis for peace and nonresistance. We will examine the historical evidence for this position and discuss how to apply this principle in times of war and peace. We will also discuss the biblical basis for a simple life and how to live this out in our culture. We want to rise above the violence and greed of human society, and God has made a way!
502 Christian Peacemaking      2 Hours As   a   part   of   the   peace   church   movement,   we   are   committed   to   a   Biblical   approach   to   handling   conflict.   Specific   principles   of   conflict resolution   will   be   addressed   in   this   course,   together   with   practical   ways   of   bringing   the   love   of   Christ   to   bear   on   interpersonal tensions.
602 Spiritual Preparation for Higher Education      2 Hours While we do not necessarily recommend college education, some may find it necessary. This course is offered to assist the pre-college student in maintaining biblical Anabaptist moorings in the college environment.
702 Living in Community      2 Hours Is   it   required   that   a   biblical   Christian   live   in   community   with   other   believers?   How   does   living   in   community   impact   our   choices?   What   is   the rightful place of the local church in the believer’s life? This course explains what the Bible says about these life sustaining issues.