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For each term at EBI, student committees will be assigned from among the student body. The full spectrum of committees will not necessary be used, however, depending on the number of students attending. Pastors and deacons will be elected the first weekend of term. Once these men are chosen, the rest of the students will be elected to one of the following committees:
Student Church
Trustees: help with small repair jobs under the supervision and direction of the EBI maintenance staff. Choristers: assists in song leading during daily chapel services and for Sunday evening services. Board of Missions: plans at least one city outreach and evangelism trip per term. Board of Publications: works alongside the staff editor to produce the yearbook and any other publications for the term.
Nurture Committee: provides the student body with spiritual nourishment and encouragement. This may include things like planning birthday surprises, writing notes of encouragement, or organizing a trip to the Creation Museum.
Ministries Committee: helps lead the student body in community outreach such as jail ministry, nursing home visitation, and other outreach opportunities.
Banquet Committee: plans and is in charge of the end of term banquet. Activities Committee: organizes recreational activities in the evenings and on weekends and is responsible for planning the volleyball and basketball tournament weekend. Housekeeping Committee: does weekly dorm room inspections and oversees the cleaning of areas of the school. Ushers: assist in greeting and seating people in chapel services and in Sunday morning services. Publicity Committee: assists in informing the community of public EBI events, such as the closing program, through designing and posting flyers, changing the front sign, and other means. Library Committee: assists the librarian in maintaining and organizing the books and helps conduct a thorough housecleaning of part of the library each term.