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Theology Department
103 Faith Foundations          2 Hours Can   we   trust   the   Bible?      What   is   the   Bible   all   about?      What   is   the   Gospel?      These   are   some   of   the   questions   that   will   be   answered   in   this   course, which will introduce you to the major themes of Scripture.   
203 Introduction to Prophecy          3 Hours This   course   will   draw   much   of   its   Biblical   investigation   from   the   Old   Testament   prophetic   books   and Revelation.   Various   methods   of   interpretation   and   differing   eschatological   views   will   be   discussed.   Themes that   will   be   covered   include   the   rapture,   tribulation,   second   coming,   millennial   reign,   and   end   of   time. Practical   applications   for   our   times   will   be   given   high   priority   as   well   as   engendering   excitement   for   the return of the Lord!
303 Knowing God     3 Hours Systematic Theology could be defined as "Any study that answers the question, 'What does the whole Bible teach   us   today?'   about   any   given   topic"   (Wayne   Grudem).      In   this   course   you   will   be   introduced   to   the discipline   of   systematic   theology   and   our   foundation   for   systematic   theology,   which   is   scripture.      We   will examine   what   the   Bible   says   about   the   doctrine   of   God   in   Trinity   and   the   spiritual   realm   of   angels   and demons.
403 Man and His Destiny          3 Hours The   focus   of   this   course   is   on   developing   a   Biblical   view   of   man.   As   humans,   we   have   been   created   in   the   image   of   God   and   yet   are   marred   by   sin.     The   saving   work   of   Christ   on   our   behalf   gives   us   great   hope   for   both   this   life   and   the   future.      We   will   explore   God's   plan   for   the   church   and   the eternal destiny of man.