Tuition & Fees
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Elnora Bible Institute 2020
Term/Length 1st Term (15 Weeks) 2nd Term (3 Weeks) 3rd Term (6 Weeks) 4th term (6 weeks)
Tution* $95 per credit hour $95 per credit hour $95 per credit hour $95 per credit hour
Activities Fee $40 $10 $20 $20
Choir Fee** $175 $25 $100 $200
IT Fee $20 $10 $20 $20
Application Fee (non-refundable): $200 per academic year (September - May)
Cost Information Chart
* Charge for choir is figured as one credit hour and charged as a part of tuiton. ** Cost for travel, music, and other expenses for choir.
The $200 application fee is a non-refundable standalone fee and is paid once per academic year, regardless of how many terms the student is attending. A married couple/family will pay a $300 application fee once per academic year.
Students may choose to audit a class, sitting in on the class without turning in assignments. The student will get the benefit of the teaching without getting credit for the class. The audited class must be taken in addition to other classes taken for credit. Cost for auditing a class is half the tuition credit hour charge - $47.50.
EBI’s tution costs do not include textbooks. Students will be notified which textbooks are required for their classes and are responsible for buying their own books. If a student opts to have the EBI administrative assistant order books for them, arrangements need to be made at least two weeks prior to the start of term. Please notify the administrative assistant by email at or by phone at (812) 692-7801 to request this option.
EBI is not responsible for any medical or dental costs resulting from injuries, accidents, illnesses, or other problems while students are attending the Institute, whether pre- existing or otherwise.
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