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Welcome to the Elnora Bible Institute!

On   one   occasion   Jesus   said,   “A   new   commandment   I   give   unto you,   that   ye   love   one   another;   as   I   have   loved   you,   that   ye   also   love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another” (John 13:34-35). Elnora Bible Institute (EBI) is   committed   to   following   the   path   of   love   in   every   area   of   life   as   we study,   worship,   and   live   together   as   a   campus   family.   We   challenge those   who   attend   to   live   an   authentic   Christian   life   that   impacts   the lives of others. Whether you are called to pastoring, missions, church planting, homemaking,   education,   carpentry,   business,   farming,   or   any   other career,   God   wants   to   use   you   to   reach   a   lost   and   dying   world   with   the   transforming   message   of   Jesus   Christ.   The   EBI   faculty and staff desire to help you build a solid Biblical foundation in order to help you achieve your God-given potential. We   strive   to   teach   our   students   how   to   grow   and   thrive   in   the   sea   of   ideas   present   in   this   modern   age.   Students   are immersed   in   Biblical   truth   and   instructed   in   the   importance   of   applying   that   truth   to   daily   life.   EBI   is   committed   to   providing not only what the students may legitimately want, but also what they specifically need for spiritual growth..