A ministry of the Biblical Mennonite Alliance
Elnora Bible Institute (EBI), a ministry of Biblical Mennonite Alliance, is  located in Elnora, IN. EBI offers post-high school level courses in Bible study and related subjects to single and married people. A fifteen week, a three week, and two six week terms are available each year to provide an opportunity for students to do systematic Bible study and to develop their faith in the inspiration and authority of God’s Word. The Biblical Mennonite Alliance, under which this Bible Institute operates, welcomes young people to this systematic study of the Bible and subjects related to Christian service. We hope you will benefit from this time of study as you develop in your Christian life. The Bible is our authority and guide in daily living. These rules and guidelines are designed for the good of all as we study and grow together. Purpose: Spiritual formation and discipleship Missions training Ministerial training Congregational enrichment Objectives: To provide an opportunity for students to do systematic Bible study and develop their faith in the inspiration, authority, and sufficiency of the Word of God. To lead students to an enthusiastic loyalty to Christ and involvement in evangelism and missions. To encourage and equip individuals for humble service to God, and their fellow men, in the context of their spiritual gifts and callings. To help each student become an effective member of the local congregation and aid in its ministry. The blessings of Bible Institute are too numerous to count! Young people learning to... Serve God Work with one another Share Encourage Grow Mature into fine servants of the Lord If you have any questions or would like to attend Elnora Bible Institute, please contact us.
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