Elnora Bible Institute


EBI offers five majors for study at a post-high school level. Sixty credit hours are required to graduate from the Institute. Students earn credits toward graduation in areas such as Bible, theology, history, apologetics, counseling, Jewish studies, and music. A minor in the above fields may be obtained by finishing a thirty credit hours.


Welcome! We are excited that you are considering attending the Elnora Bible Institute. EBI is committed to being a place where students can step out of their normal routines for a time of spiritual and intellectual growth. Our community is crafted in such a way that our students grow in their love for Christ and others.       


EBI offers a series of seminars on various subjects ranging from pastoral training to counseling. These seminars, taught by men from  various BMA churches, provide an opportunity for those outside the student body to receive training and instruction in order to better serve their local congregations and communities for the glory of God. 

"Equipping Disciples to Show the Way One Student at a Time"

“Come Join us
as we Study
God’s Word
for His Glory and  our Good”