Elnora Eclipse Encounter

"The Heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above
proclaims His handiwork" (Psalms 19:1 ESV).

The beauty, vastness, and order of the heavens clearly reveal the power and magnificence of God! The order and the predictability of the movement of the sun and stars are an awesome testament to the glory of God, and this order is powerfully demonstrated by a total solar eclipse. In Elnora, Indiana, at 3:03 PM on April 8, 2024, we will experience a total eclipse of the sun. The next total solar eclipse in the contiguous United States will not occur for another two decades. Experiencing a total solar eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we plan to celebrate the glory of God together by hosting the Elnora Eclipse Encounter at the Elnora Bible Institute.

With God’s sovereignty clearly on display with the solar eclipse, Dr. Robert Carter from Creation Ministries International will be presenting multiple sessions on the credibility of God’s natural and divine revelation. Our goal is that the weekend would strengthen our faith in the reliability of God’s Word and His faithfulness. 

We invite anyone who is interested to come and experience this amazing phenomenon with us. With over a hundred campsites available, this is a great opportunity to spend a weekend together with your family. Not only will the eclipse provide a unique learning experience, but the biblical teaching will also offer a means to grow in your faith. 

Our Speaker

Dr. Robert Carter

Dr. Robert Carter is one of the world’s leading Christian Researchers in studying human genetics and how this relates to biblical origins. The good news is that the Bible can really be trusted when it comes to such history and particularly its account of Creation as read in the book of Genesis. Like so many, Rob was challenged by his college education that started to sap his faith, That was until he saw Creation magazine. Realizing that science and religion were not in conflict with one another, his faith grew. So much so, that his passion is now communicating this important truth to people everywhere. Rob is a much-loved and engaging speaker, so don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to hear one of the world’s leading creation scientists, and see why!

Schedule - April 5-8, 2024

Friday, April 5

  • Arrival and Registration
  • 7:00 PM | Biblical Worldview as It Relates to Science – Dr. Robert Carter | EBI Gym

 Saturday, April 6

  • 11:30 AM | The Historical Adam – Dr. Robert Carter | EBI Gym
  • 7:00 PM | The High Tech Cell – Dr. Robert Carter | EBI Gym 

Sunday, April 7

  • 10:00 AM | Sunday Service | EBI Gym
  • 12:30 PM | Meal provided by the Institute 
  • 5:00 PM | The Alternative: Creation’s Competitive Edge – Dr. Robert Carter  Location | Trinity Faith Mennonite Fellowship – 8477 E 1200 N, Odon, IN 47562

Monday, April 8

  • 11:30 AM | The Shape of God’s Earth – Dr. Robert Carter | EBI Gym
  • 3:00-3:08 PM | Eclipse 
  • 7:00 PM | Change Within Created Kinds – Dr. Robert Carter | EBI Gym


Lodging for this event will be located in the campground adjacent to the EBI campus. The per-site rental is $55 per night before January 1. After January 1, the per-site rental increases to $65 per night. There is a two-night minimum. No refund will be given after March 1, 2024.


Attendees are expected to provide their own meals. You are welcome to either bring your own food or you can purchase food from food trucks located in the Elnora fairgrounds near the campground. The Elnora Bible Institute will provide Sunday lunch for those attending the Sunday session.

Register Today

Registration Deadline - April 5, 2024